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Come On..Smile :)

Assalamualaikum,Annyeohangseyo,Bonjour and Holla to all my readers..
I wish that I can laugh and smile like Sunny and Yoona do..
But I can't because of facing my problems..
Aigoo..I'm so tired..

You know that,today is my bad day..
1. I got a bad exam result :(
2. My friends are arguing with me.. my heart was broken.. :(
3.A lot of homework..
4. Someone has curse me on her status at facebook..

My heart was sick.. I just can cry,cry and cry..
But, I get out from the stress and be a patient girl.. now I can smile back.. :)

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Feeling seorang HOTTEST

Assalamualaikum,Anyeohangseyo,Holla and Bonjour to all my readers..
Semua sudah sedia maklum yang nabilah merupakan seorang HOTTEST dan SONE..
So,nabilah akan ambil tahu latest information pasal 2PM and SNSD..
For today,I would like to share a video about 2PM..
I found it on youtube..
I search it because I have fall in love with 2PM's song "I Will Give You My Life".
When I saw this video,out of the blue,my tears fall down on my cheeks..
This video is about 2PM friendship..
When a friend need a help,another friend will lend a helping hand..
Wish that I have friends like 2PM,helping each other in joys or sorrows..

2PM Forever (Taecyeon,Nichkhun,Junsu,Wooyoung,Junho,Chansung)

SARANGHAEYO.. <3 <3 :)
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Assalamualaikum,Anyeohangseyo,Bonjour and Holla to all my beloved readers...
Nampak tak gambar kat atas 2h..
So,let's dance together..gee gee gee baby baby baby..
OK,stop the loya buruk now!!

First,nabilah nak mintak maaf cz my lovey dovey blog nih.dah lama tak berupdate..
Korang miss tak belog nihh..
Sorry for make you waiting.. Mianhae !!
I have a lot of activity to do..
My homework bertimbun timbun setiap hari..
I have to study hard for my exam..
Activity co-curiculum dah start..so, I really tired.. please understand me..
Insya-Allah nabilah akan cuba balas chat korunk di shoutbox..,comment and another thing..

Dear follower,you make my blog to stay alive..you are the basic need for my blog..without you,my blog will die forever and ever.. gamsahamnida for all my follower..

p/s: I have register for Hottest and ThinkQuest.. and nabilah dah mintak jawatan sebagai prefect di sekolah untuk second session..dear readers,dear followers and stalkers..please pray for me.... saranghaeyo <3

sincerely from: